Mommy Diaries: I Hate My Kids

My kids have been sniffly, coughy, wheezy and every other dwarf you could think of since December. Suburbian winters definitely don’t agree with us. I was tackling one kid’s bronchitis and the other’s seasonal asthma when L Boogie transformed. 

My beautiful little angel was no longer the polite yet witty gem we all knew and loved. She somehow turned into a bit*$#. Yes. She has been unbearable. She argues, cries, yells and sometimes she slams doors.  As horrible as this must make me seem, I couldn’t stand her. I dreaded the sound of her bus pulling up the driveway. 

I filled her day with activities. I made sure she slept enough and ate well. She was well rested. But she was still a diva we all avoided. Even Z Money couldn’t stand her.

I exhausted all my parenting books, WebMD and Google.  So off to the pediatrician I went. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted from him. In a way I just wanted to be able to say it out loud without being judged. Of course as I made the appointment I knew what was wrong. L must have some sort of strange new-age disease with a name like distautismatopia syndrome. Something that is incurable and will result in her always being a miserable person.

So I sat across from my awesomely fantastic pediatrician and tried to say my words as gently as possible. 

I can’t stand my daughter.

He tried as best he could to hide his shock and ask the right questions. How long has this been going on? Have you tried dealing with her differently? Could it be jealousy?

And then he figured it out. It was her allergy medication. The symptoms began exactly two days after she began taking it. She threw a tantrum worthy of a TMZ report that I still have nightmares about. So we stopped the medication and we waited. And now she’s back! My little girl is back!

As a parent, there’s so much to worry about. It’s hard to keep track of what caused what and when. There’s no shame in seeking help. I hesitated to ask for help.  I wasn’t really sure whom to ask. But I did. And I found an answer. We have enough on our shoulders, we don’t need to be embarrassed of the things we don’t know!