Mohamed Ramadan’s Car Involved in Accident Killing Sudanese Man

Mohamed Ramadan is making headlines this week and it’s not due to his self-proclaimed number one status. The actor’s wife and a friend have been involved in a car accident, where her driver crashed into an Uber on Mehwar 26 July. Five other passengers were involved in the accident; an Egyptian driver, an Egyptian customer, his Thai wife, his friend, as well as a Sudanese man.

Unfortunately, the crash killed the Sudanese man due to a brain hemorrhage and left the two Thai tourists injured. According to Youm7, the driver has been arrested and is currently being accused of manslaughter, as the investigations showed that he exceeded the speed limit. Ramadan’s wife and her friend are being investigated by Kerdasa’s prosecution.

سيارة محمد رمضان تتسبب في مقتل سوداني وإصابة تايلنديين

سيارة محمد رمضان تتسبب في مقتل سوداني وإصابة تايلنديين

Posted by ‎المصري اليوم‎ on Sunday, November 4, 2018

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