Mohamed Hadid’s Sensational Art Collab with Zafi Unveiled in ‘Eyes on Eyes’

Mohamed Hadid’s recent collaboration with contemporary French painter Zafi, “Eyes on eyes”, has been generating a lot of buzz due to its exceptional and striking nature. Hadid is a renowned real estate developer, former Ski Olympian, and father to supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid. However, his interests extend beyond those fields as he has also shown a deep appreciation for art and has been involved in the art world for years.

French artist Zafi, describes his own art, as paintings that aim to express “The human and the natural.” Although he enjoys combining various artistic movements, his style and heart remain centered in cubism. Acrylics on canvas serve as the medium for his daring and bold compositions.

The two met in 2018, despite coming from different worlds, Hadid and Zafi share a common passion for art, and a deep admiration for Pablo Picasso and Cubism. Their collaboration resulted in stunning creations that compliment each other so well that it’s hard to believe they were made by two artists. 

Zafi believes that It is through this exceptional artistic collaboration that one becomes aware of the beauty and power of art, stating “art is sharing without borders.” The collaboration features strikingly vivid colors and intriguing details, with all the paintings showcasing cubist human forms.

Hadid’s love for art is evident in his collection of works, as he has been seen attending art events and exhibitions in Los Angeles and beyond. He has also been instrumental in supporting emerging artists and showcasing their work through events hosted at his own properties. Along with collecting art, Hadid takes pleasure in producing his own paintings and sculptures, which he has exhibited at galleries in Los Angeles and sold at charity auctions.

Through his collaboration with Zafi and his active involvement in the art community, Hadid displays his deep passion and admiration for the captivating and influential nature of art. Given that Hadid has exhibited his versatility across different fields, we eagerly anticipate his upcoming artistic endeavors.

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