Modest Fashion Week in Dubai Redefining Beauty

Via The National

By Sarah Alblowi

Diversity is key when it comes to fashion and trends. I mean, lack of variety is boring and the fashion world is all about change and novelty. With reputable brand names jumping on the bandwagon with things like Nike’s Pro hijab campaign or Gucci’s infamous recent blackface scandal, can fashion finally become more diverse?

The runways are struggling to incorporate culture, without culture approbation and misuse of the platforms. Thankfully, the Modest Fashion Show is independently representing modest Arab women gracefully, veil at a time, setting the bar sky-high. The annual event is organized by ThinkFashion and Red Connect; it’s fueled with international designers and influencers that appreciate the art of covering up.

The non-abaya, yet conservative, show is anything but boring. The designers come from across the globe to deliver a breathtaking show, making it the ultimate modest fashion show. The cool generation of influencers and models getting together to authenticate modest clothing is a breath of fresh air, especially since modesty has had a negative stigma for so long. Plenty of people support freedom in a sense of uncovering, while not respecting the the other side of the coin, the choice to cover up.

Modest dressing goes beyond religious reasons and the show is unapologetically celebrating what many women struggle to find in high-end brands and international runways. With so many sponsors and supporters, the fashion show is here to stay!

Kicking off 2016, their first show was in Istanbul, then moved to Jakarta, London, and Dubai. Now, back in the UAE again from the 7th to the 9th of March. Keep up with their website, here.

WE SAID THIS: Modest women now have a platform to break boundaries!

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