Misr El Kheir Takes Development to a Whole New Level by Introducing This New Feature as Part of Their Winter Campaign

Via Misr El Kheir

Misr El Kheir (MEK), one of Egypt’s most prominent charity organizations, just made acts of charity way easier with its latest innovation. MEK just introduced its latest feature, the Interactive Donation Map, and its first focus is roofing missions around the country.

Via Misr El Kheir

So, what exactly is an “interactive donation map“? It’s a digital map that you get to surf looking for houses that need roofing to donate to. You get to select the governorate, village, or center from either a provided drop list or the map itself. You’ll get to have an overview of the property by going on what looks like a virtual tour that the feature offers. We’re talking photos of the current state of the house, as well as before and after photos. Not just that, but when you pick the house where you’d like your donation to go, you can track the roofing process digitally too.

Via Misr El Kheir
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While exploring your options, you’ll find houses marked with green and red dots. The green ones indicate that these houses were already roofed, while the red ones mean that they still need roofs. Once you settle for a house, you can simply click on ‘donate’ and voilà!

The interactive donation map is just part of MEK’s winter campaign for the year 2018. For the 4th year in a row, MEK dedicates its efforts to protect families living in slums from harsh weather conditions. MEK aims to build 10,000 roofs and provide 100,000 blankets. That’s in addition to providing other basic necessities for the families in need.

WE SAID THIS: Click here to head to the map.

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