Misr El-Kheir Foundation Is Literally Giving Everyone the Chance to Give Back This Eid

Eid Al-Adha is right around the corner, and although we should be rejoicing, some people are finding that quite difficult. Why, you say? Because Eid this year marks the end of a long summer vacation, AKA the end of Sahel season, AKA the start of Back to School season. Accordingly, people are going to be very busy making travel plans to try to enjoy the last days of summer.



But Eid Al-Adha also marks something very important, and that is the distribution of meat to the less fortunate, and that is where Misr El-Kheir’s SAK Al-Odheya project comes in.


This year, Misr El Kheir is launching “Kilo Sadaka” for the first time. Their latest offering targets people who are unable to purchase the sacrificial instrument, to give them the opportunity to donate meat to the poor, as it only costs EGP 12o/kg.


The target for SAK Al Odheya in 2015 was 5000 SAK, while 6000 SAK for 2016. This year, Misr El-Keir are raising the bar up high and is targeting around 10,000 SAK for 2017!



SAK Al-Odheya costs EGP 2,900, which gives 24 kg of meat (1/7 veal) to the donor, two thirds (16 kg) of it goes to the Egyptian families that need it the most with a rate of 1 kg of fresh meat per family; while the last third (8 kg) is delivered back to the donor, all according to the provisions of Islamic Sharia.


The foundation aims at bringing joy to less fortunate families during this festive time by facilitating the procedures of collecting donations and the process of cutting, distribution and access to the neediest areas in most of Egypt’s governorates.



WE SAID THIS: for more info, click here.

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