Mido Fires Back After Al-Wehda Announces Letting Go of Him on Twitter

Former Egyptian international Footballer Ahmed Hossam Mido is no stranger to internet controversies. While we think he is the king of social media comebacks and never allows anyone to bring him or his team down, Al-Wehda club does not seem to share our views.

Al-Wehda club just announced on Twitter that they have let go of Mido and thanked him for the time he spent working with their team. For the past hours, rumors circulated that a similar decision will be made after the former Zamalek player got into a Twitter feud with a fan.



It all started when a fan asked Mido to leave the unit’s training, which led to an inappropriate reply by Ahmed Hossam. The ex-footballer soon explained that his account had been hacked and deleted the comment. However, many fans expressed their anger and demanded that the Saudi Federation adopt an iron fist towards the Egyptian technician.


Mido was in controversy for days after Al-Ittihad defender Abdul-Ella Al-Amri was injured in the 24th round of the Saudi league. Many claim that the real reasons behind letting go of the interim manager has nothing to do with the Twitter incident. However, Mido took to Twitter to thank the team for tolerating the difficult circumstances, adding that he managed to deliver great results and promised to take legal actions to prove his account was hacked.

The hashtag is currently trending on Twitter as hundreds of fans and football players show support for the great coach. Fans refuse to believe that Mido needs to claim that his account was hacked as he is known for his honest opinionated attitude. Mido was named Best Coach in the Saudi Professional League’s 15th round.


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