Here Are the Middle East’s Best April Fools’ Day Pranks

Every day, on the first day of April, no one trusts anyone; lies and pranks are conceived everywhere for April Fools’ Day. The lies and pranks are not only conducted by individuals; but also magazines, brands, and popular social media pages.


The Arab world was no exception; our timelines were just full of fake news. Here is a compilation of our favorite ones!



When Emirates introduced the world’s first triple-decker plane that has a swimming pool, a gym, a park and more.




When Egypt’s MSA (Modern Science and Arts University) pranked all its students by thinking they were having a trip to Tomorrowland.





When Farm Frites made everyone second guess themselves by thinking potato trees are actually a thing!


Via Farm Frites



When Netflix MENA pretended to believe us just for that today knowing full well that everybody who says “just one more episode” will always be a liar.


Via Netflix MENA



When McDonald’s made everyone believe that they made a blue Big Mac (which could’ve been true because of Autism Week) but they LIED!!!


Via McDonald’s


They do have blue sundaes though…



When Qatar Airways introduced YouSuite; a new way to travel that offers peace, quiet, and LOTS of solitude.




When Egyptian actor Khaled Sarhan trolled his fans by saying he was going to be on the new season of Game of Thrones.


Via Khaled Sarhan



Last but not least, when we convinced the entire nation that Egypt’s Brad Pitt, Khaled Abol Naga, was also going to be on the epic fantasy series and memes flooded the Internet.





WE SAID THIS: Sorry, not sorry!