Miami Heat does the Harlem Shake


I knew that the “Harlem Shake” craze wasn’t going anywhere soon, but the fact that even my favorite basketball team did it is both a bit shocking, yet exciting. I won’t lie; I did find it kind of funny.

Last Thursday, the Miami Heat basketball team uploaded a video of them doing the Harlem Shake in their locker room. This video hit more than 2 million views just in one day.

The video features LeBron James (AKA King James) dressed up like a king, Mario Chalmers as Super Mario (only makes sense!), Chris Anderson as Birdman and Dwayne Wade with a bear head.

Although I personally enjoyed the “Gangnam Style” craze a lot more, I will have to thank whoever brought the “Harlem shake” craze to the world! Seriously, look at the bright side we got to see the whole team acting stupid.