Meet the Syrian Girl Who Left ‘The Voice Finland’s Judges in Tears

There is no stopping the women of the Middle East. Joli Malki is a name to remember in 2019, for her career just began and it’s going to soar faster than the speed of light! The Voice of Finland talent show just started this month and one girl broke the Internet with her angelic vocal cords.

Via Joli Malki

Joli Malki, a Syrian singer who has been living in Sweden for the past eight years, left the judges crying during her blind audition. The songstress chose Adele’s ‘Million Years Ago’ Ballad and it was exquisite. The judges could feel a deep pain in her voice and described it as an outstanding audition.

Malki explained that she has been through a lot and the pain in her voice comes from missing her mother who passed away last year. The up and coming artist plans on dedicating every song on the show to her mother.

Watch the brilliant performance below:

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