Meet Rana Almimoni, The Saudi Woman Drift Driving Her Way Into Hollywood

Rana Almimoni is the first Saudi woman to make a video auditioning to be a Hollywood actress. The ambitious 30-year-old calls herself the first female drifter in Saudi Arabia.

Almimoni did not stop at posting an audition tape on her Twitter and Instagram accounts and asking her followers to share it, she started tagging Hollywood stars, like Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, so they, too, can see it. She even launched a hashtag #RanaInHollywood.

“I want to convince them that I can be a part of any upcoming movie,” said Almimoni in her message to Hollywood.

In the video, Almimoni says that “Saudi women driving was just the beginning,” hinting that so much more awaits them.

Rana is defying stereotypes about Saudi women, through her passion for sports and drift driving. She is embracing what was once a male-only sport in her country.

Until recently, Saudi women were not allowed to drive at all. This ban, which was heavily criticized by many, was lifted in June 2018. Prior to that, Saudi women had to depend on drivers or male relatives to move around.

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