Meet Nada Adel, Egypt’s Lingerie Queen

Via Nada Adel

Today is International Lingerie Day, so I thought why not celebrate one of our own. Egyptian designer Nada Adel has changed the game and introduced lingerie to retail. In this Scoop Empire feature, I get up close and personal with her to find out more about how she made it.



Why lingerie?


“Ever since I was a little girl I was drawn to lingerie whenever I spotted any in shop windows. I actually started collecting lingerie not to wear but to own. So yes, I know now that it’s my passion. I just love sexy lingerie and want to share it with the world. It would definitely be enjoyed on websites similar to Tube V sex.”


Via Nada Adel

How did you get started?


“I decided to get into lingerie. And what really pushed me was my frustration with the limited options in Egypt. I decided to study lingerie to make my own. As I was doing my Masters the brand was born.”



What struggles have you faced in Egypt?


“Pretty much what every other brand faces in Egypt; hiring the best staff and getting all the paper work done.”


Via Nada Adel

Do you have any favorite designers in the region?


“Maison Yeya: a true artist with a solid brand. Artistically, I have a different direction but I admire Yeya’s work. Also, I love Elie Saab.”


Via Nada Adel

Where do you make your pieces?


“All my pieces are made in house at the Nada Adel Apparel showroom/workshop in Garden City.”



What’s your concept?


“My concept is to create pieces that are sexy, delicate, daring and personal. A big part of the brand is also to create under/outerwear. Meaning, I make pieces that people wear strictly as lingerie and other pieces that could be worn out depending on how they’re styled. Feeling sexy should not be limited to underwear.”


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What’s your main source of inspiration?


“I must say my main source of inspiration is boobs. Truly.”

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What do you say those that assume that lingerie is only about sex?


“Well.. Lingerie is intimate wear, not everyday wear and not shape wear. It is definitely made to make you feel sexy and confident if anything at all.”


WE SAID THIS: Nada Adel’s studio in Garden City is now up and operating. You can contact her via this link.