Meet Mous Lamrabat: The Moroccan-Belgian Artist Taking Fashion Photography to the Next Level

Mous Lamrabat is a 36-year-old visual artist born in northern Morocco. Lamrabat moved with his family -including his eight siblings- to Belgium when he was very young; The intersection of his African and European identities helped him find his own voice and create his unique artistic eye.

Moving to Belgium at a very young age wasn’t easy on Lamrabat, it really affected him growing up, especially when it came to finding his identity. After studying interior design, he found his passion in art and began to use his rich cultural background to his advantage by fusing Western and Moroccan identities to create a unique take on fashion photography.

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“From here I grew a new identity crisis. After a while, I stopped seeing this as a weakness but as a strength. I can see from my current exhibition that my work speaks to a lot of people that struggle with this identity crisis. Moroccans, Europeans, Africans, and Muslims. I love that I can bring everyone together through my art,” Lamrabat told Emirates Women magazine in an interview.

His passion for art actually started when he went to the Academy in Belgium to study interior design and learn about modern art and what being artistic really means.

His sole aim is to promote diversity and change through art and fashion photography, and to create something futuristic mainly using traditional Moroccan aesthetics.

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