Meet Egypt’s First Female Delivery Driver

First Female Delivery Driver
Source: Youm7

This is Walaa, Egypt’s first female delivery manperson.

Walaa has been working at her grandfather’s chicken restaurant since she was eight years old. Taught by her uncle how to drive a motorcycle, she now also makes deliveries to customers’ homes – a truly rare sight in a country where only a handful of taxi drivers are female.

The young Egyptian believes that women should be able to do everything men can, from driving to being judges.

During the work week, Walaa wears hats to cover her hair when making deliveries in order to attract less attention, while on the weekends, she says she’s more of a girly girl.

Although she has the support of her family, Walaa recounts a time when she was out on delivery and the customer, pleased to find a female at his doorstep, began harassing her.

Walaa’s response? She beat him up with a stick.

Since then, she says, the neighborhood treats her with exceptional respect.


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