Meet Downtown Cairo’s Newest Hotel: Steigenberger El Tahrir

Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir (Via)


On one of our recent sleepless nights spent scrolling through the social media black hole, we saw a link being shared on Facebook of Downtown Cairo’s newest addition: the Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir, and we had so many questions. Do they not know that tourism is down? (They’re obviously very optimistic.) Is that the old Mogamma building? (Nope, different location.) How the eff do you pronounce “Steigenberger”? (We still don’t know.)

So we did some Googling and found out that the Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir is set to open in July 2016. Located at 2 Kasr El Nil St., the four-star property will be operating under the German company’s brand name starting this year.


The location of Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir
The location of Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir (Facebook)


Offering 295 rooms and suites, free WiFi, a multi-purpose hall and six private meeting rooms spread across one floor, the property seems to be targeting business guests. There’s also a spa, pool and fitness center.


Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Room


With this newest addition, Steigenberger’s presence in Egypt expands to seven hotels and three luxury Nile ships. The Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir is clearly part of larger efforts to revitalize Downtown Cairo and we can’t wait to see what they do with it.




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