Mediterranean Movie Nights: This Collaboration is Bringing VOX Cinemas Drive-In to Sahel’s Shores!

Summer is the time we all wait for to go on family trips and enjoy gatherings with friends to create memories that last a lifetime. Spending all day out in the salty water, surrounded by the sandy beaches and indulging in laidback nights chilling in the Mediterranean breeze. But, with the current situation, summer is not exactly how we wish it to be. This, however, only pushes us to find new ways to enjoy our summer days safely while getting to make priceless memories.

All Sahel lovers know that the right vacation starts with thorough planning and looking for the hottest getaways to spend your time. However, this summer season is quite unique for all the wrong reasons with most of the ‘in’ places being closed. Luckily, Mountain View, one of Egypt’s leading real estate developers, collaborated with Majid Al-Futtaim and brought a new (and safe) form of entertainment to Sahel. Located at MV Ras ElHikma, the VOX Drive-In Cinemas will allow you to enjoy the cinema experience while maintaining social distances and ensuring your safety.

All you need to do is park your car, adjust your seat, and crank up the dedicated radio station that will allow the audio of the movie to stream in. While munching on VOX Cinemas’ signature snacks, you will get to adjust the volume to your liking and sit back to enjoy your view of the huge screen in front of you, with the beach by your side!

Imagine getting to watch a movie by the sea while sitting in the comfort of your car, still getting that nightly breeze and summertime high. The Drive-In cinemas will be available this August with a selection of the latest movies to last throughout the summer, even non-Sahel goers will be intrigued to go on a road trip to the hottest Sahel destination to enjoy the first drive-in cinema in Egypt.

Tickets are already available, so book yours now at

WE SAID THIS: Book your tickets right now on egy.voxcinemas.comSee you in Sahel! 

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