MB Leader Mohamed Badie Arrested


Mohamed Badie arrested. Sounds great, right? I think that’s the best news we’ve heard so far!

Mohamed Badie, known as the top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested on Tuesday. He was found detained at an apartment in Nasr City in northeast Cairo.

The last time anyone has seen Badie, was at the sit-in protest, where he delivered a speech among thousands of Morsi’s supporters, criticizing the July 3 military coup that removed Mohamed Morsi.

Not only is Badie facing extreme charges, but he’s also been facing extreme pain after the loss of his son, Ammar, who was shot dead during the violent clashes that occurred in Cairo on Friday.

Badie, was charged in July with inciting violence along with other Brotherhood officials, his trial will be taking place on August 25th.

Check out the video below for Mohamed Badie’s arrest: