Marwan Younis Composes Epic Song Using Snapchat Followers’ Lyrics and It’s Life

Is there any kind of content this man can’t do? Marwan Younis, creative director, musician, satirist, engineer, father, internet sensation, whatever the hell he wants, strikes again with his latest project and it’s not another “Begad?!” video. The internet’s favorite new comedian just taught us a whole new way of using Snapchat. Younis asked his followers to help him live with the lyrics of a song he is currently composing, because he is bored. Yes people, that is what bored in his world looks like!


If you’ve ever had a doubt that Egyptians are gods of humor, you need to listen to the lyrics his followers sent him. Lines like “2armesheeny fi kess ElChipsy, eshrabini zai ElPepsi,” to “2w3i tekuni tipsy we teolili haghayar lebsi” and “tigi matgeesh, inshalla mageet ana khalas 3ereft elbeet.” All these lyrics were perfectly altered using Younis’s vocals and they actually sound kind of deep.


We just had to ask the Begad man about the most entertaining Snapchat session we’ve witnessed so far. “This might be the future of songwriting and a great way for musicians to interact with their fans. What I did was just for fun, but imagine one day Coldplay decides to do the same. It might be a game changer,” Younis told us.



Check out the hilarious video below and FYI the song is called Golash Bel Bala7:



WE SAID THIS: Marwan, I swear if you don’t use the line I sent you, I will start a social media war.


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