#هتجوز_عشان: Six Actual Reasons Why You Should Get Married


The hashtag #هتجوز_عشان has been trending on Twitter lately, which literally translates to “I will marry for the reason of”.

I don’t know if it has always been this way and we were too young to notice it or if it skips a generation or it’s a brand new phenomenon, but the marriage frenzy in Egypt seems to be getting fiercer and more popular.

Girls as young as 18 and men as young as 22 are tying the knot and depending on their parents’ cash for the first good years of their marriage. And this is happening among all the social classes of Egypt. It is no longer related to level of education, ambition or future plans. Everyone is getting married because THEY CAN!

The tweets we’ve seen express how poorly Egyptians understand the concept of marriage and they leave an impression that people no longer see the actual value of spending a life with someone, enduring failures and celebrating successes together.

Some examples:

I will marry to get a divorce.

I will marry to have someone spend their money on me.

I will marry to wake her up to make me a sandwich.

I will marry to share my DNA with someone’s DNA and procreate and ensure that my genetic qualities are sustained in generations to come.

I will marry to have cute baby girls that I can play dress up with!

And on. And on.


Here at Scoop, we are more than glad to share legitimate reasons why you should get married and decide to settle down with one person for as long as it’s working out and you have it in you to nurture the relationship:


1. You see a future together


And no, I don’t mean fantasizing about your wedding night or how lovely your home would be, but I mean you see an actual future. You see yourself with him 20 or 30 years from now. You know where your paths meet, where they cross and where they divert.

You support her ambition and she does the same for you. You can see yourself raising children with him and agreeing on how they should be brought up. You share values and beliefs. You see a future with her, it’s exactly how you want it to be like and you wouldn’t have it with anyone else.


2. You have taken your time in the world to learn the difference between settling and settling down


Too often, people fail to distinguish between settling and settling down, and it usually makes all the difference. And I don’t mean just when it comes to relationships, it can happen with your job, your vacation – it pretty much applies to any situation in life.

You settle because you think it’s the best you can do, you settle when you put up with things you know you don’t have to put up with, you settle when you think you’re of a certain age and this must be as good as it gets. But you’re wrong.

There will come a point where you will feel great about settling down, just don’t rush it. You settle down when you feel truly amazing about where you stand, you settle down when you’re grateful to have this person every day for better or for worse. You settle down when you know there is still room to grow for the two of you. You settle down when you realize that settling is no longer an option. And you don’t anticipate settling down, it just happens.


3. The joys of companionship


To have someone you can openly talk to, who understands you and you know that the two of you can go to each other with anything and it would be fine, to go places in life together and stand up for any trials or tragedies that come your way, double brain power, twice the education and twice the strengths.

These are just a few of the things that come along with having a loving companion or spouse.


4. Starting a family


You don’t necessarily have to have children to call it a family. You start off with just the two of you and there, you have an entire household. And it grows as you go.

Some people don’t want kids. Some don’t know what they would do with them, but think they’re cute until the age they can be shipped off to boarding schools. Some are going to be excellent parents. But at the end of the day, all these types know that it comes down to each other, and that a family starts with just two!


5. Financial security


Yes, I know you can perfectly support yourself with your high-paying job; you don’t need a marriage to compromise that. But what if anything goes wrong at your workplace?

While marrying for money is not something we encourage, it does help to know that within marriage, the couple can share assets and help each other through tough times, financial difficulties included.


6. You understand that marriage is not the end of it


Marriage is not a confinement. And our culture has been destroying its image over the past few decades. You can build room to grow within a marriage. You can keep your aspirations and become better individuals together. You can learn a lot more about yourself when you are part of a team. And that’s one way to look at a marriage.

Marriage shouldn’t hamper anyone’s abilities. On the contrary, some people excel after marriage, because they develop the understanding that it is their own relationship that they can mold into whatever makes them comfortable.


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