Mark Your Calendars for the AUC Theater Festival as They Host Plays from Neighboring Universities GUC and BUE!

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The renowned Malak Gabr Theater Hall in the American University in Cairo is going to witness true art this month, and you should make sure you won’t miss it! Three theater clubs from three of the top universities in Egypt are coming together for the first ever AUC Theatre Festival. The Theater Team of the British University in Egypt, the Theater and Cinema School of the German University in Cairo, and the Theater and Film Club of the American University in Egypt collaborated to make this exceptional event come to life!

The festival will take place from the 27th till the 29th of November! The GUC will take the first day, the 27th, as they perform two shows of their beautiful play “Qadeyet Sonbol” directed by the Distinguished Director Walid Talaat! I attended the play last month, and I can assure you that you can’t afford to miss it; with some marvellous performances by talented students like Mohamed Attwa and Kamel El Shafey! You’ll laugh your heart out, and might shed a tear or two from the amazing show!

The second day goes to the BUE as they present their most successful play yet, “Ser El 3awda”! The play was nominated to five awards in the 11th edition of the Egyptian National Theater Festival; including a nomination for the best rising star to the skilful student, Sherif Ghanem! Although the show was performed several times, I haven’t got lucky enough to watch it but I’m definitely sure that I won’t miss it during the festival. The play is also directed by Walid Talaat, and it features some of the most talented students and young actors like Feras Helmy, Mariam El Sayed, Nadine Fouda, and Ruby Nabar.

Last but not least, everyone is looking forward to the last and concluding day as the host itself, the AUC will get to perform their promising play “Youm Mefar2a3 Gedan”! The play is directed by the brilliant Tarek El Ebiary and it’s going to celebrate 10 years of success of the AUC Theater and Film Club! This will be the only play to have only one show instead of two, so make sure to book your ticket early if you want to attend it. For more information about the festival and the tickets make sure to check out the event here.

WE SAID THIS: Seems like November is going to end with a well-deserved long-awaited huge dose of art!