There’s a New Better Milk Alternative Now on the Egyptian Market


Milk is one of nature’s gifts that keeps on giving. Cereals wouldn’t be the same, milkshakes wouldn’t exist, and roz bel laban (rice pudding) would just be roz. The thing is about good milk in Egypt is that it’s hard to find with all the chemicals they now add to it, which is where Mandisha Farms comes into place.



Nestled away in the heart of the Western Desert (325 KM away from Cairo) is Mandisha Farms. What makes their milk so special? Well, let’s start with the fact that it’s 100% natural with no additives whatsoever and its sold in cartons, making sure that it preserves the product’s benefits and delicious taste. The milk also comes from a rare breed of cows called Holstein that were brought specifically from the Netherlands and are known to produce good quality milk.



The word Mandisha refers to the Romanian princess Mandi Shah, and it is the name of the village where the farm was built. The cows feed on grass that is specially planted in the farm to insure the production of the best quality of milk.



WE SAID THIS: We don’t know about you but we know what we’re having with our coffee tomorrow. For more on Mandisha Farms, click here