This Man and His Cat Are Actually Going on a Road Trip from Germany to Dubai

If traveling from Germany to Dubai, on a motorcycle, with your cat is not goals,  then I do not know what is!


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Martin Klauka and his cat, Mogli, are actually doing it! The adventurous duo started their road trip from Rosenheim, Bavaria in Germany and are expected to go through 15 countries in three months.


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Klauka and Mogli will pass by the Austrian and Slovenian Alps, moving to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. They will then head south through the Dinaric Alps, passing by Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia, towards Greece, Turkey, Iran until they make it to the UAE in November. When Klauka was asked why did he take Mogli with him, he said that he couldn’t just leave his cat behind.


“It’s not easy to have a cat on-board as I have to plan more and longer breaks, take food, find a place for her to do her business and tell her that she can’t run around sometimes. Shopping is also difficult with a cat on my shoulder.” Klauka told the National. “I sat her in the tank bag on my bike and went for a ride. To my surprise, it didn’t seem to bother her at all.”


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Klauka’s plan is to find work and settle down in Dubai for a bit to save money for his next adventure. Luckily for Mogli, she won’t be separated from her owner as she is micro-chipped and vaccinated against rabies, which means she won’t be isolated from Klauka





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