Makani/Burger Joint/Sit Hosneya/Zo in Diplo


So we all know the popular quad dining experience of Makani, Burger Joint, Sit Hosneya and Zo. Well adding to their highly frequented branch in Marina (Sahel), they’ve decided to take top open up a new branch in the Diplo Village entrance with a shack-style venue for the beach attired customer in the North Coast. The venue has both an indoor and outdoor area catering to all our preferences. They have started operations this weekend and from what we hear they are here to stay. 

It seems that most of the high end restaurants, shops and brands have utilized this area of Sahel. With Manoucheh, Mori Sushi, Diwan, Costa Coffee,  Pizza Hut, KFC, Foota Towels, NOLA Cupcakes, TBS, La Poire and many more it seems that the Diplo Residents and visitors  have it all.

WE SAID THIS: WE’re happy that new ventures are opening in Sahel with all the conditions that are going on in the country. Head on down to the beach and enjoy it to the max.