MAC Middle East Teams Up With The Region’s Finest For An Exclusive Personalized Collection!

One of the leading cosmetics brands worldwide, MAC, is working on a super cool collaboration with iconic influencers from the Arab world to each come up with their own lipstick shade. The shades are set to hit stores on the 26th of this month!

The influential list includes Lebanese model Nour Arida, Lebanese YouTuber Maya Ahmad, Kuwaiti influencer Farah Al-Hady, Kuwaiti content creator Lujain Al-Dhafery, and Jordanian makeup artist Hindash.

Last year, MAC flew these fashion icons (The New Generation of MAC Makers) to New York to customize their own shades! We’re super excited to see the shades coming to life, and getting to try them on. MAC Cosmetics have been partnering up with influencers, actresses, and makeup artists from across the Arab World over the past few years, including Yasmine Sabry and Cyrine Abdelnour!

WE SAID THIS: Mark your calendars for the 26th of February!