Lockdown Updates: Important Guidelines to Reopening in Egypt, From Personal to Institutional

The Ministry of Health and Population just released the reopening guidelines and protocols in Egypt. Everyone needs to read and study these regulations carefully in order to stay safe during this upcoming period, which will take place in three stages. The most important thing that we should keep on using until further notice is the face mask; we should be using it every time we go out or interact with anyone.

The first stage will entail strict regulations in order to stop any kind of surge in infected cases; it’ll take place starting now and will remain in place until the number of cases decreases steadily two weeks in a row. Then right after this, we move to stage two, with medium regulations for 28 days. And the third stage has lower regulations and will take place until new instructions are out or until the crisis ends and the WHO announces that the risk is low.

Among the regulations that will come into effect with the reopening is measuring the body temperature of citizens in public places and railway and metro transportation, requiring citizens to wear face masks while in public, continuing the closure of cafes, cinemas, clubs, gyms, wedding halls, and all educational facilities, requiring workplaces to provide hand sanitizers, allowing hotels to reopen but at previously communicated restrictions to avoid cross-contamination, and encouraging citizens to depend more on online and digital payments to avoid handling cash.

People should always wear their masks when out and won’t be permitted entry into any public place without their masks on. Those over 50, pregnant, or those with permanent diseases, shouldn’t go out except for absolute necessities. If anyone feels any symptoms, they should stay at home and take the necessary precautions, especially while dealing with other family members. You should still always avoid crowded places, and everyone should keep a distance of two meters from everyone else.

WE SAID THIS: Always wear your mask, and keep your distances! Check out the full guidelines here.