LIONS Live: Arab Creatives Will Get to Attend the Biggest Digital Media Festival For Free This Year!

Via Media Marketing

Arab creatives are marking their calendars as LIONS Live is returning this month! Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is turning creativity inside out with this massive edition that will take place from the 19th till the 23rd of October.

LIONS Live will be available for free featuring five days of practical insights from the creative heroes behind Grand Prix and Gold Lion-winning work-sharing how their ideas came to light revealing the secrets of creating world-famous work.

The festival will grant the audience some unprecedented access to the creators behind the world’s most successful work in the whole world. Each day is themed and designed to offer you practical insight to impact careers, transform business, and drive progress through creativity.

LIONS Live will reveal everything. The briefs, the grids, the sketches, the outtakes, and the mistakes. The right turns, the-U turns, and brands taking massive leaps of faith. The lucky breaks, the lack of brake. It’ll show the glitter and the rubble, driving people from the seed to the hit. Without holding anything back. This is, by all means, an opportunity that no one who’s in the field should miss!

WE SAID THIS: Head to this link to to discover the full schedule and register.