Lindsay Lohan to Launch Modest Fashion Line Soon?

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Modest fashion is slowly gaining popularity within the fashion world. From Dolce & Gabbana’s latest abbaya collection to Nike’s Pro-Hijab line, and now, you’ll never guess who’s trying to make it into that industry? Well, actually you might guess that person because it’s none other than “secret-Muslim” Lindsay Lohan.


New Fashion Line coming soon …. ? #fashion

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Earlier this year, the Mean Girl wiped her Instagram account clean where it was reborn with “Alaikum salam” (Peace be upon you) on her bio. And yesterday, she just posted a photo of herself looking modest with the caption, “New Fashion Line coming soon …. ? #fashion.”



This is not the first time Lohan tries to make it into the fashion industry. Back in 2008, she launched a line of “designer leggings” called 6126. Needless to say, the brand quickly vanished into nothing, but something tells us this modest fashion line might actually do pretty good. Especially if Lohan runs it, as it makes a lot of sense for her to launch one.



WE SAID THIS: We here at Scoop Empire will closely watch her Instagram account for her next update to see what she’ll be up to.