Life Before the Taliban: Pictures Showing a Free and Peaceful Afghanistan in the 1960s

If you want to visualize a free and peaceful Afghanistan, then you’d probably need a time machine to take you back to the 1960s, a time when the country was a hub for culture, peace, and good fortune, filled with fierce, proud, and loving people. This was before the Taliban pulled it into conflict, invaded it and turned it into a war-zone. It’s devastating to realize that the happier times now live only in photos.

Below you’ll find some breathtaking pictures of Afghanistan before the Taliban, when it was a liberal country and the oppressive rule of the Taliban had yet to take its toll. The pictures were taken by University professor Dr. Bill Podlich; he decided to capture this phase in history when he traveled to Afghanistan in 1967 with his wife, Margaret, and their two teenage daughters, Jan and Peg.

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