Lebanese Are Having a Blast with #آخر_مرة_صارت_الانتخابات Hashtag

It feels like the political mess is everywhere in the Middle East. The elections that were supposed to take place in 2014 in Lebanon, somehow got postponed for three full years. The parliament has failed to elect a new president for a long time and the mess is finally coming to an end.


Soon enough, the people of Lebanon will finally get a chance to elect one more time, and to most of them, it sounds too surreal. The last elections took place in 2009 and ever since then there has been a dispute over proposed new laws regarding the elections which caused multiple delays.


In true Egyptian fashion, Lebanese have turned to social media with an epic hashtag that says it all, #آخر_مرة_صارت_الانتخابات which means “the last time there was an election.”



Remember when a missed call meant a flirt?




You were as young as your child the last time Lebanon elected a president




They last had elections when men had ponytails instead of beards and buns




They last had elections when saving your Snake was the only mission you had in life




Remember when that was your entertainment? Yes, that was when they last had elections




Let’s not forget how far celebrities have changed






Lebanon didn’t even have Facebook




And who could forget the Middle East’s first bombshell? BOOBY!





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