Leading Women: 5 Tips to Best Manage a Large Team

By: Fatima Salahuddin

The world is changing and we couldn’t be happier with the way we are accepting women as strong representatives of society and in roles outside the boundaries of home. Women are being accepted in leadership roles and are coming forth to take up primary roles in industries and leading them to success.

As much as leadership is an opportunity, it is equally a responsibility too. Managing teams can be a challenge, bigger than one could be expecting, and might impose a lot of stress than imagined. In this article, we’ll discuss the different ways in which females can handle larger teams with ease.

Growth, not goals

A team always expects their leader to be encouraging. It must be understood and accepted that not every goal can be achieved and at times, losing by some points isn’t as bad as it seems. A leader should focus on the growth of its team more than the goals.

The team might not prove to be the best at a project but if in the process of working, they have grown, it is a profitable deal. A leader should keep her teammates encouraged and motivated and make sure that failure does not affect their efficiency.

Be a transformational leader

A leader is the one in whose name an entire team of people functions. Therefore, taking care of the people, the project, and other aspects of the project is the primary responsibility of the leader.

A leader who limits their interaction with their teammates to just orders and updates, and keeps themselves seated in their cabin is looked up to and admired by none. Be a transformational leader who works with their team and is a part of projects as much as they are. Do not be one of those leaders who do not get involved with their team and just give them orders. There are many ways to develop your business skills nowadays, so if you feel like there are aspects that you need to self-improve, you should check altmba or alternative masters of business administration. These courses will help you build the character and the personality of a business leader.

Assigning tasks

A good leader knows her team the best. From their strengths to their weaknesses, she should be aware of everything and must encourage them to work on it. Whenever a project requires teamwork, one should assign tasks smartly, depending upon the strengths of the teammates.

 Also, their weaknesses shouldn’t be hidden in a corner or forgotten. Instead, if you find a project that is not very complex and can be accomplished without putting in much effort, such projects should be used to let the teammates work on their weaknesses and improve.

 The bossy boss

It is very important for your team to like you and be comfortable around you. They must know that if there is an issue that they are facing at work, they could come to you and discuss it, and that you’re there to help them at all times of the day.

The better a team’s communication with their boss, the more their efficiency to function and work together. A “bossy boss” is of no good, neither to herself nor to her team. She would just create a stressful work environment and shall fail to communicate terribly.


Communication is the key factor of any comradeship, be it between a leader and his/her team or just two individuals coming together. The importance of communication cannot be emphasized enough.

Do not just communicate with your team about the projects, but also praise them regularly, wherever justified. Let them know how much their work matters and make them feel important enough to work hard. Share insights with your team, about the company, and their work. Give them feedback and take feedback from them. Communication is the most crucial pillar for altruistic growth. Only with the right communication can you lead your team to accomplish your market expansion goals.

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