Layla Ghaleb From Professional Dancer to a Promising Vlogger?

Via Layla Ghaleb

Egyptian Hip Hop dancer and choreographer, Layla Ghaleb, has been under the spotlight for a while for her outstanding dance moves and groove.

From dance videos in her classes to those in the bathroom, the only logical next step would be for Layla to take her videos to the right platform; YouTube.

The dancer may have started her channel with funky dance videos that incorporated all sorts of vibrant visuals you’d expect from a persona like hers. However, lately, the channel started taking a different turn, and we love it!

It all started in Coachella when the Ghaleb sisters, Layla and Hadia, went on a sponsored trip to the dreamy festival on everyone’s bucket list. Little did we know that one vlog could lead to another. During the past couple of weeks, Ghaleb Jr. has been updating us with her intentions of renovating her bedroom as she felt it needed some ‘Layla’ vibes!

Nevertheless, she didn’t just let us know through Instagram but rather took us on a virtual tour of the entire process with two more vlogs.

It’s not just that the vlogs are quite entertaining, but it’s also giving us the opportunity to get to know Layla behind the scenes. We’d love to see for sure what she still has under her belt! Oh, and by the way, we loved the room makeover!

WE SAID THIS: Keep them Vlogs coming girl!