Latest Statistics on Highest Ranking Facebook Pages in Egypt based on Fans Worldwide 

By Kareem Sheta

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Let’s take a look at some of their current statistics on Facebook pages in Egypt based on fans worldwide. Some of the rankings may surprise you!


  1. Vodafone Egypt: 11,659,270 fans
  2. Etisalat Misr: 9,733,196  fans
  3. Orange EGYPT: 9,302,110  fans
  4. Samsung EGYPT: 8,085,302 fans
  5. Telecom Egypt: 7,678,427 fans


  1. Mustafa Hosny: 32,421,621 fans
  2. Amr Khaled: 29,500,983 fans
  3. “Habibty” Magazine: 25,500,736 fans
  4. Tamer Hosny: 18,798,434 fans
  5. Amr Diab: 16,670,812 fans


  1. “Sabaya El Kheir”: 10,064,629 fans
  2. “Ramez taht el Sifr”: 9,451,636 fans
  3. B+ Bassem Youssef Show: 8,191,774 fans
  4. Shady Srour: 5,244,647 fans
  5. “Elkibeer Awy” Series: 5,226,143 fans


  1. MBC Masr: 20,450,431 fans
  2. “Al Youm Al Sabi3”: 14,133,698 fans
  3. net: 12,325,499 fans
  4. CBC Egypt: 11,697,620 fans
  5. “Rasd” Network: 11,202,968 fans


  1. Al Ahly SC: 11,537,399 fans
  2. Zamalek SC: 5,919,221 fans
  3. El-Ahly: 1,181,529 fans
  4. Al-Masry SC: 921,543 fans
  5. Wadi Degla Sporting club: 651,399 fans

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