Last Night My Visa Saved My Life – and a trip to the mall!


Every girl in the world suffers from the same dilemma at some point in time; What am I going to wear? Even when you live at home and have multiple closets to pick through – your mom’s, your sister’s…there are days when you really just can’t find anything and the thought of leaving the house to face the streets of Cairo is more daunting than the idea of showing up to a party in an old top and jeans.

Now, this does not mean I don’t love a day spent at the mall, ducking in and out of my favorite stores to see what’s new.  I just don’t like feeling the pressure of having to find something in the span of a couple hours for an event I reluctantly accepted an invite to while I already have a million other things to do.  I mean a couple of hours wouldn’t even be enough time to get me to and from City Stars when you take into consideration the traffic, let alone trying to park and then pushing through the hoards of weekend loiterers in the atriums and food courts.  I mean Cairo is a city filled with people constantly trying to get somewhere and if they’re not going anywhere, they’re just standing there, making it more difficult for everyone else to get where they need to go. 

So here I was, in this exact predicament, with a Gala Dinner to go to nothing to wear! Was I going to venture into the world of a million cars? No, I didn’t have the time or patience. I was stuck so I called a friend to vent about it (as that’s what us girls do, we need to let someone else know all about our suffering). I told my friend about my impossible situation and it was then that she mentioned something that may have been the most obvious solution to my problem. “Why don’t you just order it online?” Yes! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself.  

I had used the service earlier this year when I needed to buy a friend a gift and time was just not on my side. I remembered it to be efficient, quick and best of all I got to pay with my Visa card meaning I didn’t have to run down for cash. Perfect!

So I went to, checked out their latest bits and bobs, found something in my budget and had it delivered to my office where I paid with my Visa card and just like that I was ready for the Gala!

Women these days have so many more options than the generations before us, and thanks to the internet, life has become so much easier. I recommend checking out the online shopping options in Egypt so that someday, maybe your Visa can save you a trip to the mall!