Lanterns: The Ramadan Tent That’s Literally Above It All

Via Emaar Misr


Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s your favorite Ramadan tent in Cairo? Ahhh, the inevitable question that we ask ourselves every year. As a foodie, I like to try the new tents that pop out of nowhere, but frankly, old is gold — because Lanterns still reigns supreme.


Situated atop the city — in Mukkatam — right inside Emaar Misr’s Uptown Cairo, the Lanterns tent has long been a favorite of mine ever since I first came to know of its existence three years ago.


Via Emaar Misr


Upon entering, your eyes cannot miss the massive “Uptown Cairo” sign planted on one of the venue’s pretty hills; the view is quite remarkable, especially when it’s paired with the ginormous open space. Seats come in all shapes and forms — there are tables, bean bags and a seating area that will convince you that you’re on a sailing ship (I’m not even joking). Another thing I’m quite fond of is the big screens that play everyone’s favorite mosalsal, and of course, the live entertainment.



Their open buffet selection has everything you’ll want and more. Think foul (from an actual cart) to taameya, kofta to shawerma, rice and potatoes, and basically everything in between. Oh, and worry not, they have shisha.



So yes, to answer the timeless question that is what’s your favorite Ramadan tent? It is, without a doubt, Lanterns.



WE SAID THIS: See you there! 

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