Lance Armstrong Falls Hard


Seven time Tour De France winner, Lance Armstrong has been fighting a huge storm the past couple days amongst doping claims, trying to derail his career and strip him of his seven wins at the Tour De France.

Although these claims are not new, and he has been accused of doping previously, none of the doping agencies could actually hold something against him, up until the U.S. Anti- Doping Agency’s chief executive Travis T. Tygart came along! In one stroke his reputation has been completely trashed.

Why you may be asking, especially since he has been fighting these claims over the years? Well he seems to not want to combat the accusations thrown at him by USADA, since the evidence against him seems to be quite strong, with testimonies from former team mates and doctors all pointing towards his guilt!

Up until now, he has not combated these accusations and everything is pointing in the direction of him losing his title as the king of the Tour De France!