Kuwait Residents Protest Against Demolition of Historic Landmark Al-Sawaber Complex

With a central location in Kuwait, within blocks of the Kuwait Stock Exchange, Central Bank and all major banks, the residential Al-Sawaber complex in Sharq might be nothing but a memory.

The Cabinet recently issued a decree for the removal of all Al-Sawaber complex residents by March 31st, 2016. Currently, 70 percent of the residents have already evacuated the buildings after being offered a flat at Northwest Sulaybikhat or financial compensations; but others have refuse to leave.

“If I do not get fair compensation that is enough to buy a house in any near residential area, then I will not leave unless carried in a coffin. There are other families who refused to move and will stay here as I have. Even if they cut the electricity and water, still we will not move,” Bu Majed told the Kuwait Times.

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Al-Sawaber was built in 1981 by renowned architect and urban planner Arthur Erickson and is one of the first high density complexes in the country. It includes 33 buildings and more than 520 residential apartments.

However, for years the government has been trying to solve the controversy surrounding the complex due to its low maintenance, making some parts unfit for living. That in addition to turning into a housing area for large numbers of migrant workers instead of low-income Kuwaiti families.

In recent viral videos, people of Kuwait are coming together to protest against the demolition decision, using the hashtag #SaveSawaber.

Watch the video below:

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