Kinda Alloush Just Married Egypt’s Golden Boy and You Can Barely Afford Shawerma

صباح الورد عليكم جميعاً ? #عمرو_يوسف #كندة_علوش #amryoussef #amr_youssef

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The day no Egyptian woman thought she’ll be waiting for just arrived and we can’t help but remember all the times we made bad decisions. So, the whole country literally lost it when news of a possible Amr Youssef and Kinda Alloush romance came out.


Why exactly were we all shocked? Was it because a Syrian beauty nailed our Ramadan 2016 golden boy? No. Was it because they’re too pretty and might give birth to an Instagrammable strawberry cheesecake? Definitely not. Was it because we never even had a thing for Youssef or even acknowledged him until he was taken? Hell to the YAS!


The happiest birthday ever and all the ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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This relationship is a painful depiction of every bad decision we ever made. We always appreciate the things we had, only after we lose them. Remember Youssef in Niran Sadiqa? Did we once mention his awesomeness then? Or that time he played a terrorist with a baby face? Bardo (still), we stayed silent. But the minute a woman shows interest in him, we’re all suddenly outraged he actually picked her over us.



WE SAID THIS: Thank you Kinda for the harsh reminder. Oh, and congratulations you guys!