The LEGO Store at Cairo Festival City Is Every Kid’s Obsession and Parent’s Nightmare

There comes a time in every parent and child’s life where the house is nothing but chunks of LEGO. You can clean the house, color coordinate the pieces and put them away in boxes, but the minute your kid decides it’s LEGO time, you know war is coming.

I’d like to thank God there’s a new place in town where my kid can get hyperactive with her interlocking blocks without the fear of stepping on them and breaking my toes, however, my feelings are kind of mixed.

When the ME Tags store first launched, they had a whole area in the middle of the mall for children to play in, with tables and toy sets for different age groups. Kids were literally losing their minds. Now unfortunately, the heavenly arena has been removed — however, thankfully, four play tables are still inside the store.

This is how a parent’s day goes when they take their child to LEGO’s fantasy land:



You take your child on a trip to the mall, thinking finally the day will be technology- and iPad-free and he/she will get in touch with the real meaning of childhood.


12067346_10156139868095182_1742083514_n (1)



In the first few seconds, the kid is so ridiculously overwhelmed that he/she fails to comprehend the beauty of what they are facing.





Then suddenly, it happens — a complete detachment from reality, a speedy fall down Alice’s rabbit hole and you hear a scream that means one thing: the world is coming to an end.





The tables lure the children in, like Willy Wonka’s candies, and then as fast as they started constructing houses, the destruction starts.





They throw blocks at each other, parent scream and the store’s staff  get sweaty chasing the kids around.





Then your kid realizes there are other tables for older kids, and they decide to bother them by fooling around with their work, leading to more fights.





Parents become miserable and decide, “Yalla we’re leaving”. The kids refuse to listen and start evil planning how to manipulate the situation.





They might even pretend to clean the display window just to buy a few more minutes!





And maybe try to take some blocks in mommy’s bag without realizing that mommy will go to jail…





And when all is said and done, they put themselves in an imaginary naughty corner thinking they’re invisible.





And guess what?  I’m not even at that stage where she asks for an 800+ LE toy.





As much as my kid loves this store, I pray for every parent who sets foot inside that colorful and magical hell. May God be with us all and I hope the store management is smart enough to never remove those luring tables.



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