Khashab W Kahraba: Middle East’s Leading Guitarist, Ousso Lotfy, Just Released His Newest Album!

My love and passion for music started at a very young age. I remember creating schedules for all the cool concerts taking place and save for the ones I wanted to attend. One concert I remember very well was the very last S.O.S festival, where I first saw the leading guitarist in the region, Ousso Lotfy, performing with Eftekasat.

Being the fan that I am, Ousso Lotfy releasing his latest album ‘Khashab W Kahraba’ was great news for me, and I have to say, you must check it out!

‘Khashab W Kahraba’ is an Arabic jazz fusion album experience that was recorded with a diverse selection of guitars. The album’s composition is recorded and arranged twice, exploring different arrangements and guitars. Ousso started recording the album back in 2013 during his masters in Valencia, but paused for four years because of different projects he was working on, and finally decided to finish his album this year.

Ousso is the mastermind behind ‘Ewsal Bel 3araby’, the most complete Arabic platform for aspiring and accomplished musicians. He’s also a part of HOH band with Massar Egbari’s Hany El Dakak and Wust El Balad’s Hany Adel. Ousso is the strongest link between the independent and mainstream music scenes in Egypt.

He was and is part of some of the best independent music bands like Nagham Masry, Eftekasat, and he also performed alongside the best musicians in the mainstream scene like Mohamed Mounir and Amr Diab.

WE SAID THIS: Check out ‘Khashab W Kahraba’ on Anghami, Spotify, and iTunes!