Kcal Healthy Fast Food Opens In Egypt

kcal 1

In an effort to make clean eating a lifestyle rather than just another trend, Kcal – originally based in Dubai – has finally opened in Egypt.

kcal 2Healthy fast food? Does such a thing even exist? Yup, and it is a dream come true.

With most healthy food boring enough to make you run towards junk food with open arms, Kcal offers an alternative that isn’t just healthy, but actually tastes good.

And it’s not all just salads, they make the most exquisite meals exploding with flavours and that you’ll actually enjoy eating for a change.

From mouthwatering lasagnas to veggie burgers, everything they have on their menu is just under 300 calories. That means that you get to eat something extremely tasty and filling without an ounce of guilt.

kcal 3We no longer have any excuses to start eating clean, because whatever you crave is now possible as a healthy option – even desserts are guilt free.

We only ask that they open a branch as soon as possible in Maadi so that we, too, can start eating healthy at the office!



WE SAID THIS: To find out more about Kcal Egypt, visit their Facebook page here.

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