Just When You Thought Summer was over, Kharma and Hany Adel Drop the Sickest Hit! 

Via Youtube

Artists Hany Adel and Hisham Kharma are both well known for their vibrant music that speaks creativity and happy vibes. But what if we tell you they joined forces for a one of kind soundtrack, what do you think it’ll turn out like? Well, in this case, you can see for yourself.

The two musicians just dropped their latest song; Yomein, and we have to say, this uplifting song is everything. The brilliant combination of Kharma’s music, Adel’s vocal chords, and Nesma El Shazly’s heartwarming lyrics are on point. Not to mention how Kharma; also the brains behind the creative music video, visualized the whole thing. We just have to admit, the lion and astronaut dancing to their own tune pushed us to hit our very own dance floor and start pursuing our dreams.

WE SAID THIS: Here’s to many more happy collabs! You guys nailed it!