Jordan – Syria Border Reopens With The Aim Of Increasing Trade

On September 29th, Jordan reopened the main border crossing it has with Syria after a period of it being fully closed. The move comes as a push towards reinvigorating business ties with both countries to help with their struggling economies. Once the border opened completely, the movement already started to flow as passenger vehicles and transport vehicles lined up for customs and immigration forces.

Jordan’s Crossing operations chief Colonel Moayad Al-Zubi said that the situation is secure and stable now on the Syrian side and that they hope it remains that way. The border was reopened back in 2018 as well but had been later forced shut with COVID cases on the rise as part of safety measures.

Trade between Jordan and Syria was estimated to be worth around 1 billion dollars before the war, and this move hopes to return trade back to these levels. This hope is expounded upon as Jordanian officials met with a Syrian delegation and discussed lifting tariff barriers.

Trade between the two countries also stalled due to the gruelling sanctions enforced upon Syria and the Assad regime which deterred investors and dealt the Syrian economy a serious nosedive.

Other international moves were undertaken to revitalize trade with Syria as the agreement with Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt to deliver natural gas to Lebanon via Syria through its pipelines.

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