Join the Watch iT Challenge on TikTok and Be One of The 10 Lucky Winners!

Living in a world that is dominated by social media, it’s not a surprise that every year we get to see new viral trends that bring people together and encourage them to partake in joyful ‘challenges’. From staying still, laying down, and crazy dance moves with your friends, to pouring freezing cold water all over yourself, we’re here to introduce you to a new challenge! Join the Watch iT Challenge on TikTok and be one of 10 lucky winners to get a free annual Watch iT subscription.


اتفرج من على Watch iT و قلد نجوم رمضان و شير الفيديو بتاعك بهاشتاج #HowToWatchit عشان تشارك في التحدي و تكسب

♬ original sound – watchitmena

Aiming to build a strong relationship between users and service providers, a collaboration between Watch iT and Tiktok resulted in the launch of a new challenge where users can post their own creative videos on TikTok while watching on their mobile or through a website, featuring Watch iT’s own music video that you can find on their TikTok account. You must use Watch iT’s soundtrack in the challenge along with the hashtag #HowtoWatchiT, and 10 winners will be selected based on the number of views and likes. The challenge started on the 18th of May and is going to end by the end of Ramadan

Finally, we must point out that Watch iT is actually the largest entertainment electronic library of movies, dramas, TV programs, and sports in the Arab world with exclusive content. And it’s the first Egyptian VOD service that provides high-quality services with no breaks. You can easily find their services everywhere in the world; on the website, smartphones, tabs, and laptops.

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