Jeddah’s Historic Al Balad Dazzles in Pink Thanks to Argentinian Artist Andres Reisinger

This week, the Argentinian artist Andres Reisinger posted on his Instagram account the finishing of his new art installment in Jeddah’s historic Al Balad, leaving the passersby enchanted by the view of a large pink fabric dress up of one of the place’s ancient buildings.

Known to Saudis as Al Balad, this ancient area is listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. A walk through its centuries-old alleys and homes leaves tourists and locals in awe. It is organized by blocks of Mangabi stone.

While walking, if you look anywhere above you, almost all buildings are decorated with window Roshans, a symbol of Arabic architecture. Al Balad consists of 600 heritage buildings, many of which have undergone a transformation into art galleries and cafes, in addition to 30 mosques and 5 historic local markets ‘souks.’

Via Al Balad

In another takeover, Andres Reisinger uses digital art to conceptualize pink and white fabric in scene photographs, adding a modern touch to the existing beauty of Arabian deserts.

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