It’s All About The Bubble

We all love bubbles , who didn’t love to blow bubbles as a kid? Although after a few minutes you’d find yourself pretty much covered in soapy water but none the less we all loved to blow bubbles and wondered to an extent what type of world exists inside this colorful bubble.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to talk a bit about the bubbles we personally create in our own lives! Odd idea? Yes but not quite since these are bubbles that are not made from soap and water but are bubbles that are crafted and created by our own minds and our own experiences in life!

So the question here is “How do we create these bubbles? And what do we mean by these bubbles?”

The bubbles are usually the problems we face in life, and I am quite sure you’ve come across a few people who are quite cornered in their lives with specific problems and their whole world revolves around these problems or issues that they face.

What happens is they think too much or are too much concerned and focused in a single path direction that they do not see but these issues. So they become pretty much captivated and no matter how much you may try to drag them out of these problems or issues they are just so dug in it.

So what’s the matter? How could they face or deal with such a situation? That’s an interesting question that definitely deserves an answer!
We all face problems that come in all shapes and sizes throughout the different periods of our life. The trick is how we handle the problem and how we evaluate it.

That in no way an attempt to belittle the difficult experiences you encounter in your life, on the contrary the more you learn how to deal with your problems the more control you have over your life and the more you are able to properly assess and deal with the different situations.

So basically the whole matter relies in asking yourself the right questions. “What is the problem?”, “How is it affecting me?”, “Should I ask for help?”, “Are things really as bad as they seem or is it just me?”

Before you begin you need to get yourself out of the bubble, calm down, try to relax and try to find away to distract your thoughts and clear your mind from the problem you are facing at the moment and when you achieve that state of mind, you are good to go!

So ask yourself ‘HONESTLY’ what’s really wrong because a lot of times we tend to exaggerate and not be accurate about the situation even to ourselves for a number of different reasons that differ from one person to the other. So find the right answer.

Now that you know what’s really going on, comes the second question, how does this affect you? Does it make you nervous? Mad? Worried? Based on the answer for this combined with knowing what really bothers you, bit by bit the shroud of your bubble begins to unveil and you begin to realize what’s happening to you. The last two questions can really be answered together as based on how bad it ‘REALLY’ is you can easily decide if you need help, yes or no?

Then the bubble’s true size begins to come to realization and you begin to see what’s really going on and what you should do!
Again I am not in any way trying to tell you what to do or that the answer to any problem is simple but we do face a lot of problems which we do blow out of proportion and they do take up a lot of our time and energy..

Believe in yourself and your abilities, learn from others and ask for help when you need it.

Remember that with all that happens in our life there’s even more that happens in our heads.. A great deal of our lives is all in our state of mind and how we try to push it..

So remember It’s not all about the bubble it’s about how you deal with it..