Is There an Egyptian ‘Breaking Bad’ in the Works?



A Facebook post claiming the Emmy award-winning TV show Breaking Bad is going to get an Egyptian remake with actor Wael Nour playing the role of Walter White has been taking over social media by storm. Unsurprisingly, the Egyptian interwebz went absolutely fifty shades of cray cray.




Nancy is very afraid!






Amir just straight up says originality is dead and we ruin everything






Alhassan will consider killing himself if Hamda Helal gets cast as Jesse Pinkman






These two are just freaking the fuck out!






Met Waly complains and says, “Why does Egypt have to ruin everything? Just because they have the same beard it doesn’t mean he can act!”






Mahmoud is just worried the same might happen to Game of Thrones (and so are we)






Aya says the only reason they are remaking it is because they have the same bald head. She also wishes all of them to burn!






The real question is: Is Breaking Bad actually getting an Egyptian remake? Is Wael Nour actually playing the iconic Heisberg? We’ve delved deep into the subject and found out from a very reliable source that Wael Nour will definitely not be playing Mr. White, as for the actual show actually getting Egyptianized? Our source has informed us that there were talks of it getting an Egyptian remake, but the project is on hold at this very moment. We’re not sure whether to be happy or sad. Let us know how you feel.




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