Introducing Jessica Wazen: A Lebanese Mother, Entrepreneur, Chef, and Singer!

Jessica Wazen can be described as a singer, a chef, an entrepreneur, a mother, and of course, a Wazen. She is the sister of Karen Wazen and Andrea Wazen. The trio are a powerful display of strong, independent women. On the other hand, Jessica has her own catering company and sings for fun. She’s a mother of twins; a boy and a girl. Jessica is an inspiration for working women, as she manages her own business successfully whilst having a full time job as a mother to two. She is much more than a word entails though, so read on to know more!

Her beautiful children

Saveur Plus catering

As a young lady, she has been interested in everything food-related, so she decided to make a career out of it. Having been in the hospitality industry for a while, Jessica worked with world-renowned chefs such as Yannick Alleno, Gordon Ramsay, and Alain Ducasse, according to L’Officiel Arabia. These experiences gave her a chance in entering the world of catering, thus starting her business, Saveur Plus catering. Her company is one of Lebanon’s leading catering companies. Cooking food from all over the globe, Saveur Plus excels with its amazing decorations and attention to small detail.

Singing as a hobby

Jessica posts a lot of videos of herself singing on her Instagram account, and mentions in her bio that her love for singing. Her voice is absolutely amazing, and she has received lots of love for it in the comments section. Imagine being sung to sleep by this beautiful voice, and her children no doubt must be so lucky! In her latest singing video, her sister Andrea played the guitar and while she sang. In another video, the roles switch as her mom plays the guitar instead, while Jessica sings. Talk about a talented family!

“I love to express myself through food and singing.”

Said Jessica Wazen, to L’Officiel Arabia.

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