Inclusions Matter: Cairo’s Autism Career Expo to Take Place This Tuesday

Via steinhardt.nyu.

On Tuesday, the 20th of March, Autism Career Expo is going to take place in the Smart Village’s Clubhouse from 10:30 AM! The event marks the first of several others as a part of the Egyptian Autism Society’s awareness campaign; that takes place every April in line with the Autism Awareness Day.

Via Career Builder

The purpose of the Expo is to introduce our children to the various working areas available and to match their strengths with a career path. The companies participating will have an idea of what jobs would suit our young adults. Some companies will be demonstrating the kind of work they do. Thus, the purpose of the expo is exposure, not recruitment.  

Various companies, from food venues, beauty sector, furniture, universities, communication companies, NGOs, and many others are showing in the event. They are committed to training people with Autism and help them enter the challenging and dynamic workforce. The event is powered by Macdonald’s and is organized by Shaghalny and I-Manage.

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