In Pictures: The Inspiring Heroism of Egyptians During the Devastating Dragon Storm

In light of the unusually powerful storm that slammed Egypt last weekend with its heavy rainfall and destructive winds took its toll on the country, leading many houses to collapse, power outages, car accidents, road closures, and the death of around 20 people. The powerful storm, named “The Dragon Storm”, was documented to be the worst to hit Egypt since 1994 according to the forecasts.

Last Thursday was declared a national holiday by the government officials, all workers in the private and public sector as well as students, to avoid going out of their houses. However, despite the government’s recommendations for all Egyptians to stay home, a few brave souls took to the stormy streets to help anyone in need, from saving puppies from drowning, to a group of young gentlemen driving their 4×4 jeeps to help more than 100 people. Keep scrolling to honor our inspiring heroes from last weekend.

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