In Pictures: Stunning Murals Bring the Egyptian Village of Burj Al Burullus to Life

via Piczard

Through an annual mural painting festival called the International Burullus Symposium, artists from different parts of the world, come together to decorate the walls of homes and buildings of Burullus in Kafr el-Sheikh. While some of the murals are inspired by the town’s fishing culture, others have their own artistic themes, depending on each artist’s point of view. Some artists use their art to tackle issues facing the community’s people, such as female genital mutilation, illegal immigration, child marriage, and domestic violence.

It all began when Egyptian artist Abdel Wahab Abdel Mohsen decided to adorn his hometown, Kafr El Sheikh, with meaningful art. Initiatives like these not only beautify the city and give it an attractive atmosphere, they also bring tourism to places that might not have been on ‘the map’ before.

Scroll down for some of our favorite, colorful murals from the walls of Burj Al Burullus.

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